Angela Williamson

About Angela Williamson

Angela Williamson is an author, teacher, and the owner of Williamson Publishing Enterprise. Her new book coming out is Return to Mu (ISBN 9780983543114), a science Fiction / fantasy novel about four New Yorkers who go through a spiritual transformation when they are transfer to another reality and dimension. She also wrote Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population to help parents and professional seek alternative methods for treating their child or client with autism. Ms. Williamson has over 15 years of professional experience in working with the autism population. She wants to dispel the myth that teenagers or adults with autism can't learn and to disregard outdated theories that don't work. Ms. Williamson discusses the probable causes of autism and emphasizes that autism is not something that just happens. You can heal autism, despite what the medical community is saying to parents. She has dedicated her book to all individuals with autism.

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